Magnus’ partners are Dr. Melissa Pigott and David Fauss. Since 1993, Magnus has provided customized, scientifically designed mock trials, focus groups, and survey research, as well as jury selection and witness preparation. We have worked in 26 states, including almost every county in our home state of Florida. 

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  • COVID-19 Jury Composition Conjecture
    As trial consultants we try to stay current by reading lots of newspapers, journals, and magazines. Recently, I’ve noticed people writing about the composition of juries post COVID-19 (not that COVID-19 is over, “post” in this context merely indicates a world where COVID-19 came into being). Because of the politicization of COVID-19, vaccines, masks, etc., […]
  • Try it – once
    How does one know if he/she will like something absent trying it, at least once? This isn’t limited to trying new and/or unfamiliar foods, however, that is certainly one area in which people with varying personality types differ greatly. Some people are risk adverse, while others are open to taking risks, to some degree or […]
  • Ramifications of “You’re Fired”
    I’ll start with the obvious: anyone can be fired. As long as someone works for someone else, they can be fired and, in many states, with or without reason. (If someone is self employed, they can be fired by clients, but that is a different situation.) Some people seem to think, so what if I’m […]

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