Courthouse Security

David Fauss, one of Magnus’ partners, has been photographing courthouses since the mid 1990s to collect the images for this section of Magnus’ website and for Magnus’ Courthouses of Florida® Calendar, website, and postcard series. These photographs have also been purchased by a number of Federal and State Court Administrators and other officials to display in various courthouses. Working with these administrators has yielded invitations to photograph other courthouses.

After September 11, 2001, Mr. Fauss began to be scrutinized by court security when photographing state and federal courthouses. These encounters have included an office visit to Magnus by an agent of U.S. Homeland Security. A few of the business cards of those who have vetted us are below. This page of Magnus’ website has been prepared to provide some background information on the legitimacy of Magnus’ efforts to document the courthouses of Florida, and elsewhere. If you are a security officer at a courthouse, we hope this information adequately explains our purpose and confirms the nature of our efforts. If you have any questions after visiting this page, please contact Mr. Fauss.