Courthouses of Florida

Magnus has undertaken a project to photographically record some of the history of the court system as manifested in the courthouses of Florida. Often the courthouse occupies a central place in the city or county. The courthouse becomes a prominent part of the life and history of the community. Some of the older courthouses are among the oldest buildings in the community. The photographs contained in this gallery demonstrate old and new style buildings.

Recording these images and researching the history of the courthouses was done to share our rich history with those who may appreciate it most, the litigators and trial attorneys whose daily work is conducted in and around these buildings. We have often discussed favorite courthouses with our clients who relate stories of trials, hearings, and other experiences that they have had throughout the state. Counties where the Magnus team has worked are shaded in light blue.

To see more courthouse photographs or purchase photographic prints, please visit Courthouses of Florida.

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