Magnus at Work

The following is an overview of the procedures involved on a typical research day. The process varies depending on the specific parameters of the research design, but this overview will allow prospective clients to visualize the proceedings.

The research day begins early with the arrival of the research team at the research facility. Magnus’ Research Associates (RAs) are responsible for equipment set-up and testing prior to the arrival of mock jurors. Upon the arrival of the mock jurors, the RA briefs them on their responsibilities.

The mock jurors complete written questionnaires to provide background and baseline information about themselves. General case related questions are also included in the questionnaire.

After the jurors have completed the initial questionnaires, case arguments are presented by attorneys on behalf of both sides of the case. Attorneys use photos, diagrams, and other demonstrative evidence as a part of their presentations. If observers are present, the arguments are fed to the observation room on closed circuit television.

After the case presentations are complete, jury instructions and verdict forms are provided to the mock jurors who elect a foreperson and deliberate. Deliberations are video recorded, and monitored live from the observation room by the trial consultant(s), attorneys, and other members of the trial team.

A post verdict interview is conducted by the consultant in charge to probe on specific issues of interest concluding the session.