Magnus’ Primary Research Methodologies-An Inside Look

Magnus has created several videos to illustrate the research process .The first video gives you a behind the scenes look at the research process, from initial consultation to the post-research review with Dr. Pigott. View the videos to learn the customized work involved in your case. The next three videos are about our most commonly utilized research methodologies.

Research Day Overview

Case Strength Evaluation Research and Mock Trial

This video shows the research day proceeding for a typical mock jury project designed to evaluate liability and damages.  The video opens with the arguments made on behalf of the plaintiff followed by those on behalf of the defendant.  After the arguments, the jurors deliberate and render a verdict.  The format is customized based on the needs of the case and is expanded for full scale mock trial research.

Case Analysis Survey

A Case Analysis Survey is a non adversarial research methodology designed to work through all issues in a case in a step by step, issue by issue, process. It involves a presentation by the attorney, discussion with respondents and survey completion; this sequence is repeated for each issue. The setting is class room style with the attorney presenting with the consulting psychologist seated at a head table.

Mock Arbitration or Mediation

Mock arbitration proceedings are designed to simulate an actual arbitration in a way to elicit maximum amounts of information from the participating arbitrators.  Presentations are made on behalf of the claimant and respondent after which time the arbitrators are assembled in panels to render a decision.  This video shows a typical format for mock arbitration, a process which also includes the arbitrators providing their input on an individual basis in response to survey questions. Mock mediations follow a similar format but are modified to simulate a mediation presentation.