Overview: About Magnus

About Magnus – ADR and Trial Research and Consulting Services

Magnus began operation at the end of 1993. Magnus’ Director of Research has been working in the area of psychology and the law since 1980. Magnus provides consultation services to attorneys and businesses nationwide. Magnus’ research and consulting services are offered in multiple areas. The primary focus of the practice is on ADR services and trial and jury consulting, including mock trials, focus groups, jury selection, mock arbitration, mock mediation, and witness preparation. Magnus also offers a fully array of trial exhibit and presentation services.

Magnus offers customized marketing research programs to law firms as well as to the general business market place. Magnus’ marketing research, such as surveys, focus groups, and mystery shopping, are specialized services to address clients’ questions about their products, services, customer satisfaction, and community image.

Magnus is a “client-driven” organization. Attorneys and other clients are encouraged to interact with Magnus to establish a unique, case specific program of research designed to obtain and interpret data. Clients bring Magnus unique questions, for which we find the answers.

All products and services are based upon sound principles of social science research. Our services, both quantitative and qualitative in nature, can be developed to address all types of research needs and budgets. Services range from database (archival) research conducted in-house to large-scale projects conducted in the field.

Magnus’ principals, Dr. Melissa Pigott and Mr. David Fauss, co-founded the firm and have a “hands on” approach with all projects. Based on their vast experience, Dr. Pigott, Mr. Fauss, and Magnus’ professional staff provide more flexibility and case or project specificity in research design than our competitors. Thus, Magnus’ emphasis on custom designed and client driven programs is a driving force within the firm.

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The Results

The greatest benefit can be achieved when Magnus is involved during the early stages of case development. By implementing state of the art research methodologies, with emphasis on efficiency and accuracy, case outcomes are maximized.

For Litigation, Magnus can identify and evaluate:

  • Effective Arbitration Strategies
  • Liability Evaluation
  • Effective Mediation Strategies
  • Damages Assessment
  • ADR Strategies
  • Witness Effectiveness
  • Key Themes
  • Juror Profiles
  • Variables Affecting Decision Making
  • Voir Dire Questions
  • Effective Strategies
  • High Impact Demonstrative Evidence

    Magnus’ findings from mock arbitration, mock mediation, mock trial or focus group research is provided via written and/or oral reports. For more information on reports, please click here.

    For Marketing and Business Research the results vary depending on the nature of the specific project and include:

    • Community Image Reports
    • Business Strategy
    • Marketing and Sales Feedback
    • Client Satisfaction Reports