Services for Arbitration, Mediation, and Trial

Magnus’ Litigation Services are divided into several categories.  Services are often used in combination with one another, in phases, to provide a maximum amount of information. The multi-phase approach is particularly useful in complex or unique litigation. (Click here for more information on research in complex cases.) All research services may be used prior to arbitration, mediation, or trial. (Click here for information about pre-mediation research services.)

Issue Evaluation:

  • Community Attitude Surveys
  • Case Analysis Survey
  • Focus Group Research
  • Case Issue Consultation
  • Venue DataLink®

Magnus Online Research :

  • Verdict Perception™
  • Issue Perception™

ADR Services


  • Pre-mediation Jury Research
  • Mock Mediation Research
  • Mediation Rehearsal
  • Mediation Coaching
  • Mediation Attendance
  • Mediation by Melissa

Arbitration Services:

  • Assistance in Early Neutral Case Evaluation
  • Negotiation Coaching
  • Mock Arbitration Research
  • Securities Disputes Arbitration (FINRA)
  • Arbitration Rehearsal
  • Arbitration Coaching

Witness Services:

  • Witness Assessment Research
  • Witness Preparation Consultation

Liability & Damages Analysis:

  • Case Strength Evaluation Research
  • Mock Trial Research
  • Mock Arbitration Panel/Bench Trial
  • Mediation Research
  • Mediation Rehearsal & Coaching
  • Silhouette Jury Panel
  • Trial Progress Evaluation
  • Post Verdict Interviews

Voir Dire Services:

  • Jury Selection/Development of Voir Dire Questions
  • Juror Profiling
  • Supplemental Juror Questionnaire
  • Voir Dire Workshop

Continuing Legal Education:

  • In-House Training
  • Seminars for Associations
  • Workshops
  • Online CLE
  • Adjuster CE

Law Firm Image Research:

  • Advertising or Marketing Program Evaluation
  • Law Firm Image Analysis
  • Client Satisfaction Studies
  • Presentation Coaching

Magnus’ findings from mock trial or focus group research is provided via written and/or oral reports. For more information on reports, please click here.

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