Issue Evaluation Research Methodologies

Issue Evaluation Research Methodologies are designed to be utilized early in a case to assist in the discovery process. These methods are useful for cases with complex issues. Issue Evaluation methodologies involve a non-adversarial approach.


Community Attitude Survey

Community Attitude Surveys are warranted when: the issues or parties involved in the litigation are high profile; the case issues are unique; juror profiling is desired; and/or to support a venue change motion. Community Attitude Surveys are typically conducted via telephone interviews of jury eligible citizens in the trial venue.

Case Analysis Survey

A Case Analysis Survey determines arbitrators’ or jurors’ attitudes and perceptions regarding key issues specific to ADR or a lawsuit. Case Analysis Surveys aid in structuring discovery around what decision makers want or need to know. This research provides early identification of case strengths and weaknesses.

Focus Group Research

Focus Group research involves a discussion of pertinent case issues to assess fact finders’ reaction to case facts and examines the human dynamics involved in the case. The Focus Group is an informal discussion among the attorney, psychologist, and research participants in which they “lead” the attorney through their questions and comments.

Case Issue Consultation

Magnus’ Litigation Consultants provide insights to the litigator in order to evaluate critical case issues. Case Issue Consultation typically includes document review and “brainstorming” conferences with the attorney.

Venue DataLink®

Venue DataLink® is Magnus’ proprietary database. It is composed of population demographics, plus survey responses from thousands of jury eligible citizens on a variety of issues. Information can be obtained by venue, case type, or other factors. Venue DataLink® provides an efficient, cost effective way to assess to underlying characteristics of jury eligible citizens and examines how these characteristics impact their views of a case.  

Issue Perception™ (Online)

Issue Perception™ is Magnus’ proprietary online research methodology utilized to investigate individual and/or group responses to case issues. Magnus has developed 2 methods to study case issues. The first involves obtaining individual responses to case issues based on written or pre-recorded videos of case information. Participants respond in a self paced fashion. Various sample size options are available. The second begins with the individual study then, using a subset of respondents, a live group discussion is held. Multiple panels can be utilized. The proceedings are recorded for analysis of results and client viewing. As with all of Magnus’ research methodologies, the participants are jury eligible citizens of the trial venue. Magnus prepares a written report based on the research results.
Issue Perception™ can be customizable, depending the case specifics.