Voir Dire Services

Voir Dire Services are provided to prepare the litigator for this critical jury selection stage in the trial process.

Jury Selection/Development Of Voir Dire Questions

Magnus prepares case specific voir dire questions to elicit maximum information from the venire. The questions are prepared based on variables which social science research, and our experience, have shown to correlate with verdict. Magnus’ voir dire consultation maximizes the chances of empaneling the most favorable group of jurors.

Juror Profiling

Using the data from a Community Attitude Survey, Magnus’ Juror Profiling service provides a statistical means for juror selection decisions. Through computerized statistical analysis of the responses of jury eligible citizens in the trial venue, profiles of persons likely to be favorably, or unfavorably, predisposed to the case at hand are developed. Voir dire questions are structured around profiles of plaintiff oriented and defense oriented jurors.

Supplemental Juror Questionnaire

Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQs) are utilized during the voir dire process when the case involves sensitive or high profile issues. SJQs permit prospective jurors to reveal personal experiences and attitudes privately, to obtain more honest responses than public statements made in open court.

Voir Dire Workshop

A Magnus consultant reviews case materials and prepares voir dire questions, then the attorney conducts a voir dire of jury eligible citizens. Real time feedback is provided to the attorney, via side bar type discussions, to facilitate the attorney’s  jury selection skills.This service can be used by individual attorneys or as law firm training; it is certified for CLE credit in Florida.