Witness Services

Parties or other witnesses to a case, due to their personality, fears, or unfamiliarity with the legal process, may need some form of preparation prior to trial or deposition. Magnus’ experienced professionals have the expertise to meet a wide array of witness needs.

Witness Assessment Research

Witness Assessment Research involves a research session structured to focus entirely on witness testimony. A neutral presentation of facts is made to mock jurors, followed by live or video recorded testimony by parties, and/or fact or expert witnesses, to evaluate the witnesses. Mock direct and cross examinations are often employed to simulate the pressure of the courtroom. Mock jurors provide written feedback on each witness and engage in a discussion about relevant witness issues. As an alternative, Witness Assessment Research can be included in a research session, such as Case Strength Evaluation Research or a Mock Trial.

Witness Preparation Consultation

Witness Preparation Consultation enhances the presentation of the fact or expert witness. The communication ability, demeanor, and comfort level of the witness, rather than address the content of the testimony, is the focus of this service. One of Magnus’ Litigation Consultants will review case materials and consult with the litigator to determine his or her impressions of the witness. Following this review, the Litigation Consultant will meet with the witness to provide feedback and offer suggestions to the witness on how to be effective in depositions or at trial.