A History of Success

Two key measures of our success are client satisfaction studies and client interviews about the impact of our analyses and recommendations at mediation, arbitration, or trial. We are pleased we continue to be judged highly in both areas.

Also important are support, recommendations, and endorsements Magnus receives from leading attorneys and firms. We are proud to be able to share some of these with you.

  • Your recommendations to do the community attitude survey, the focus groups, and the mock trial proved invaluable. You and your staff conducted all of the exercises with wonderful professionalism and gave us a product at the end that was simply fantastic.

    Sidney M. Pertnoy
  • In addition to the intellectual strength Magnus brings to the table, I am even more impressed with its extra-ordinary preparation, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

    Henry Latimer (Deceased)
  • The mock trials and your reports helped me formulate the overall case themes, reinforce my client’s damages to the jury, and successfully address and overcome defendant’s major defenses in this case.

    Michael Gunzburg

  • The benefits Magnus provided us in the case were numerous and included:

    • Identification of case strengths we had previously not recognized.
    • Analysis of thorny issues and how they might be best approached.
    • Providing a mirror for the defendant to view third parties (mock jurors) reacting to the facts of the case.
    • Qualitative and quantitatively analyzing the downside risks the defense potentially faced.
    • Facilitating improved relationship with our client based on improved mutual understanding of the important dynamics in the case.
    • Enhancing our ability to articulate salient issues and facts in our conversations with the opposition, our clients and the jury.
    • The final report you provided was attractive, comprehensive, insightful and informative. I cannot image the hours of labor that must have gone into its preparation.

    I think all of us who interacted with you felt we had found in Magnus a new member of the team.

    Daniel F. Beasley
  • It is Dr. Pigott’s scientific background and her ongoing research in the field of cognitive psychology that places her several cuts above her closest competitors.

    William R. Amlong
  • While I believe we had the ability to take what you gave us to a high level, without the information you made available to us it would have been much more difficult to find the right way to package the message.

    Eugene E. Stearns
  • Your analysis of the practice trials we have done with Magnus have been very insightful.

    Gary C. Pajcic (Deceased)
  • Whether it is a focus group, mock trial or a jury selection, I find that the procedure, the comments and the insights, as organized by Dr. Pigott, are right on the money.

    Bill Hoppe
  • Lawsuits involve calculated risks. Magnus helps the attorney assess those risks.

    W. McKinley Smiley, Jr
  • The mock trial results gave us greater insight into the value of the case, and therefore, it enabled us to make an educated settlement decision.

    Steven G. Koeppel