The Magnus Approach

A Needs Assessment is conducted by Magnus’ partners on each and every case Magnus discusses with clients.

Proposals are prepared based on discussions with the litigator and with consideration of all issues, facts, and other constraints.

Research Design and methodological choices are crucial to the efficacy of the research. Magnus’ methodological recommendations are a product of extensive training and many years of experience. Magnus carefully recruits eligible respondents who reflect the composition of the fact finders in the trial venue.

Timing of Magnus’ involvement is crucial. Thee maximum benefit of utilizing Magnus’ services in case preparation is achieved by early inclusion of Magnus as part of the trial team. Knowing the strength of the case prior to arbitration or mediation will maximize your negotiating position.

Reports are the culmination of all research efforts. Reports are formatted according to the type of research conducted; the contents of the report vary depending on methodology, case complexity, stage of litigation, and unique case factors. All reports are written on a case specific basis by, or under the direction of, Magnus’ Director of Research. Click here for more information about Magnus’ reports.

The Magnus Approach involves the efforts of its skilled research and graphics teams. It is Magnus’ goal to become an integral member of the trial team to enable the attorney to do everything possible to serve the interests of his or her client.

Results, and case outcomes, are greatly enhanced by incorporating the research and consultation services provided by Magnus. Strategies leading to the most favorable ADR and litigation resolutions are possible when our recommendations are followed. With the expertise of Magnus on your team, your clients will know you have done everything possible to assist them.

Magnus Research is a full service ADR/litigation research and consulting firm that provides custom designed research methodologies. The fees for most of Magnus’ services are quoted on a project basis. Consultation only services, for example, Voir Dire Consultation and Case Issue Consultation, are quoted on a daily or hourly basis.

Magnus Graphics’ fees are determined by the nature and extent of the services required. Consultation, design, and presentation services are provided on an hourly basis. Mediation, arbitration or in court presentation services are based on day rates.