When you want the best trial consultant, Magnus is your only option

When hiring a litigation consultant for arbitration, mediation, jury, or trial research and consulting, we realize there are many choices. Magnus tops all comparisons with competitors.


Magnus Provides:

Solid Credentials & Research Skills

Dr. Pigott’s education and experience are unsurpassed.

Consultants Have Decades of Experience

Magnus was founded in 1993.  Dr. Pigott has been conducting research in the area of Psychology and the Law since 1980.  Both Dr. Pigott and Mr. Fauss stay current with developments in the field.

“Hands-on” Involvement of Partners

The Magnus partners are involved in every case ensuring the best possible client service.

Florida Based Expertise

We know Florida. We have worked in over 50 counties.

National Experience  (Urban & Rural)

We have worked in cities, large and small, in 26 states, from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Commercial & Personal Injury Experience

Our range of case types is vast.  There is no case too large for us to handle.

Wide Variety of Case Experience; Plaintiff & Defense

We understand the perspectives of both sides of a case.

Civil and Criminal Experience

The majority of Magnus’ work is in the civil arena, but we have considerable experience with criminal matters as well.

High Quality Work Product

Magnus’ report and other work product are high quality and have been complimented by many attorneys who had previously worked with our competitors.

Client’s Needs Assessment Involving Trial Team & Research Team

Each case begins with a needs assessment allowing the research to be custom designed for the case.

Custom Approach

Each research project is designed to ensure that the needs identified by the trial team are addressed.

Flexibility in Proposals and Pricing

Magnus provides recommendations for the best research design; alternative methodologies are included. Magnus is always willing to work with clients who want to modify the scope of the project.

Venue Specific Research

In almost all of Magnus’ cases, the research is held in the trial venue. While there are a few exceptions, the venue decision is driven by appropriate science, not convenience.

Wide Variety of Research Methods

Magnus employs a number of research methods to address clients’ needs. When necessary, new, creative approaches are developed.

Scientifically Based Juror Recruiting

The foundation of solid jury research is a representative sample of potential mock jurors.  We spend considerable resources on this component of the project.  Our mock jurors are jury eligible in the trial venue.

Centralized Jury Recruiter

We work with a single jury recruiter who knows what we require.

Video Recorded Jury Deliberations

All juror deliberations and discussions are video recorded. Videos are made accessible to all trial team members via Magnus’ secure client portal.

In Person Monitoring of Jury Deliberations

Magnus staffs each research project to ensure that the jurors’ deliberations are monitored by an experienced consultant.

Scientifically Based Research Methods

Magnus’ research methods are based on solid social science research protocols.  Our protocols minimize bias and maximize reliability and accuracy.

Ability to Fine Tune Arguments or Test Alternative Theories

Magnus often designs the research to allow attorneys to test alternative approaches or modify arguments to refine the case approach.

Comprehensive, Case Specific Report

The Magnus report is the culmination of the research findings and provides qualitative and quantitative results. Magnus’ reports focus on providing strategies to maximize the litigation outcome.

Integrated, Full Service, Graphics Team

Magnus works with a variety of artists, designers, and technical consultants to address the presentation needs of the case.